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Thank you all for checking out my guild portal of "The Dragon knights" we hope to do raids and other things, we help all new incommers to show what our guild is like, we try and level all lowbie's up in anyway possible. Our main links to our site are at the top of the page, (Home, Forums, Voting, Calendar, Roster, Bank, Stories, and Mail) By clicking roster it shows all members that have signed up on the Guildportal site. The Calendar shows dates listed on the calendar shown as events and Guild dungeons/raids.

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Information Most Likely Needed For New Guild Members:

Priestsrdps_GM_4, Jun 22, 10 9:52 AM.

     Guild Ranks and Earnings

1 -- Dragon Master
 This rank is unearnable for all members of the guild.

2 -- Dragon Knight
        This rank is only earnable for members that have helped out more than at least 50 times,
        And has signed on daily, and has reached at least level 80, and has signed up at the Guildportal
        site, and Must sign up at least twice on the calendar every week, and MUST show!

3 -- Dragon Rookie
        This rank is easy to earn, must be level 50, and has helped out someone at least 10 times, and
        signed up at the Guildportal site.

4 -- Drake Admin
        This rank is very easy to earn. You must be level 20 and has helped out at least 1 time, and must
        sign up on Guildportal site.

5 -- Drake Tamer
        This rank is the easiest to earn. You Must be level 20.

6 -- Drake Learner
This is the rank you start off with... (Level 10)


 Guild Rules/ Regulations

1 -- Just have fun!!

2 -- Help out others to become a Dragon Knight.

3 -- Sign up on calendar.

4 -- Must be at least level 10 when joined.

5 -- Create events on calendar.

6 -- Sign up on the Guildportal site.

7 -- Be nice and respectful to fellow guildies

8 -- Make friends

9 -- Try to gain ranks

10 -- Sign on daily.






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